Scrolling through our Insta feed, we realised there's something missing!

Amongst the never-ending nail images, no one's flaunting natural nails! Of course our heart belongs to the wonderful world of acrylic and polishes, but it's important not to neglect what nature gave you! Behind the scenes, certain polish and services can cause damage or staining. It's important to keep in mind the health of your nails. As the nail-obsessed know, sometimes you need to indulge in a little TLC to keep them looking live and well! 

We've put together 5 tips to keep your natural nails looking heavenly! 

1) Respect the Ridge

There's no better place to start than the base! If you don't already have a ridge filler in your routine, your nails are in for a treat! A ridge filler is basically a bottle of magic for natural nails. Whether you're a regular acrylic wearer or just tend to struggle to keep nice nail beds, a ridge filler has benefits for all! What is it exactly? A ridge filler works by evening out nail surfaces that have been damaged by buffing, acrylic or every day knicks and scuffs. It evens out the natural nail to hide any blemishes and create a smooth healthy looking surface. 

Check out our options to rescue your ridges!

2) Care for the Cuticle & Pamper the Plates

Have you ever stopped to think about what purpose your cuticles really serve? I mean we're constantly pushing, pricking and putting in effort to get rid of them! These nail bits might have a bad reputation, but keeping them nourished is key to scoring your best manicure!  

Cuticles serve the purpose of protecting your nail matrix AKA the root of your natural nails. It prevents any sort of bacteria, dirt or infection from getting in there! Pretty important to keeping those nails looking pretty! 

The best way to give your cuticles the love they deserve is a hydrating oil. CND's Solar Oil is one of our faves for keeping cuticles soft, pliable and nourished. After applying oil, give your cuticles a gentle push to prevent them from creeping up too high over the nail plate. 

Pro Tip: Apply cuticle oil to naked nails, OR at the end of your manicure. This will ensure that it doesn't get in the way of polish sticking to your nails! 

Don't stop there! Spread the health to your entire nail with a professional keratin treatment. Keratin might be a common lifesaver when it comes to over-worked hair, but did you know the same technology works for your natural nails? Applying a keratin treatment a couple times a day for 2 weeks straight will make a world of difference in the health of your nails! 

We highly recommend CND's Rescue RXx! Formulated with jojoba and sweet almond oil, this little life saver packs a healthy punch! It deposits strengthening keratin to the natural nail plate to restore moisture and durability.

3) Stay in Shape 

Don't worry, we're not giving you grief for skipping the gym this week, we're talking the easy kind of shaping up! Keeping your nails filed into a purposeful shape will help prevent breakage and uneven splits. Certain shapes such as round or oval are super practical for ladies with less durable nails. In comparison to blunt shapes like stiletto or square, a rounded edge is easiest to maintain and hardest to crack!

Make sure your beauty bag is armed with a high-quality nail file to get the best shape with the least damage! 

4) Buff for Benefits

Whenever you visit the salon your nails get the gift of a good buffing, but do you keep it up at home?

Like cuticle oil, many people overlook buffing, not realising how much a professional high-shine buffer can benefit the look of your natural nails! Just like ridge filler, buffing is all about achieving a smooth surface. If your natural nails are buffed smooth, they'll create a much nicer servce for polish to adhere to. Alternatively, if you opt to leave your nails sans polish every so often, buffing will increase their natural shine for a clean and sleek look!  

Buffing also helps out your hands by increasing blood flow! This is super important to help bring essential nutrients to your nail bed. Check out our 

5) Grin and Bear em' 

Although we're obsessed with polish of all shades and colours, we also love the natural look! Don't be afraid to give your nals a break and rock a clean, cared for nude nail! Taking a week or two off from polish or enhancements allows your nails to breathe and lets you focus on treatments like ridge filler and cuticle oil. 

Pro Tip: Take it to the next level by gifting yourself a paraffin wax treatment! There's no need to save it for the spa, getting glowing hands at home is easy with CaronLab's convenient self-heating kit! Paraffin wax adds softenss and smoothness to the skin and helps keep your cuticles and nail area neat and tidy. You'll be eager to show off your nourished nails with hands that look their healthiest!