Silly season has a way of making time tick by extra fast. From planning presents to outfit organizing, we know you've got heaps on your plate! With such a chockas schedule it can be hard to stay on top of beauty trends and sort out your next nail style! We've done the digging for you and found five fresh nail art looks you can easily recreate and rock this holiday season! 

Check Out Our Top Picks For Silly Season Nails! 

1) Wrapped in Rainbow Stripe 

Wrap your nails in style with this giftbox-inspired nail art! Start with a crisp white polish base and layer on seasonal stripes. The best part about this look? It can be easily switched up to suit your personal style! If you're all about traditional holiday style. this candy-striped blue, red and green combo might make your perfect match! If you're looking for a more subtle ode to the season, select your favourite palette of pastels for subdued stripes! 

Recreate this look with:

OPI Nail Polish - Alpine Snow

OPI Nail Polish - Can't Find My Czechbook 

OPI Nail Polish - Teal Me More, Teal Me More 

OPI Nail Polish - Black Onyx 

OPI Nail Polish - Color So Hot it Berns 

2) Structured Shimmer 

Let your inner sparkle out while simultaneously strengthening your nails! This gorgeous Gelish manicure combines a subtle dose of shine with a huge helping of love for your natural nails! Gelish's Brush-On Structure Gel is the perfect product for ladies looking to devote a little TLC to their nails this holiday season! Structure Gel works to repair damaged nail plates while reinforcing strength so your natural nails can grow longer and stronger while looking polished and chic. Add a little bit of seasonal style by layering on your choice of glitter! For a more subtle shimmer opt for a light dusting of OPI Chrome Effects powder. To build a bolder look opt for a chunky glitter gel polish! Whichever type of shimmer suits your style, you can rest assured knowing that your natural nails are being blessed below by Structure Gel! 

Recreate this look with: 

Harmony Gelish Structure Gel Brush-On Formula - Cover Pink 

Harmony Gelish Gel Polish- Over The Top Pop 

OPI Chrome Effects Nail Powder - Tin Man Can 

3) Silver Snow 

Crisp and classic with a hot holiday twist; we love this look for a gorgeous NYE nail! The combination of subtle white and sexy silver can be easily coordinated to any New Year's Eve outfit! Whether you're hoping to match a muted party dress or tone down a distinct pattern, this subtle nail look is your perfect partner in crime! Begin with a clean base of gel colour and build on your perfect silver shimmer with Chrome Effects Powder. Either opt for a light dusting of the shimmery Tin Man Can or go mega-glam with a full dose of Mixed Metals. 

Recreate this look with: 

OPI Gel Colour - Alpine Snow

OPI Chrome Effects Nail Powder - Mixed Metals

OPI Chrome Effects Nail Powder - Tin Man Can

4) Radiant Red  

The silly season is the perfect time to take on a bold red hue and adorable accent nail! One of the most radiant reds in OPI's collection, Amore at the Grand Canal is a gorgeous gel colour for radiant holiday nails. Add a little extra with an adorable chrome accent nail! Mixed Metals is a mega-glam chrome powder, perfect to play with during the silly season. This nail look is an easy option to wear all season long! 

Recreate this look with: 

OPI Gel Colour - Amore at the Grand Canal 

OPI Chrome Effects Nail Powder - Mixed Metals 

5) Matching Marble Mix 

Mix up your mani with this stunning spectrum of seasonal nail looks. Marble has definitely dominated this year as one of the must-have nail looks. To take on a holiday feel, add a silver sparkle and complementary shades of white and deep blue. Choose the nail system that suits your style with Color Club's dreamy duo packs! Give yourself the gift of choice with a duo pack of gel and traditional polish. Whichever system you select, your nails are sure to steal the show this season! 

Recreate this look with:

Color Club Gel + Lacquer Duo - French Tip 

Color Club Gel + Lacquer Duo - Sex Symbol 

Color Club Gel + Lacquer Duo - Made in the USA 

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