Let's face it, winter feet are gross.

From dry skin to smelly socks, colder weather can wreak some serious havoc on your toes. It may be easy to neglect your feet while they're hidden by boots and socks, but what happens when it's time to take your sandals out of retirement? Let the changing of seasons serve as your motivation to treat your feet to the TLC they need. The best news - there's no need to blow your budget on an expensive salon pedicure! With the right products and knowledge, you can get those feet looking born again from the comfort of home! 

This week on Beauty HQ we've got 5 fresh tips to help you prep your feet for summer exposure! 

  1. Scrub Away the Season

    Your first course of action should be a serious scrub! Closed toed shoes and sweaty boots can cause dry patches, calluses and rough nail beds. To renew your worn out winter feet, invest in a great foot soak like CND's Bright Citron Soak. This uplifting soak helps to soften your skin while providing a treat for your senses! Fill a pedicure tub with a generous scoop of this grapefruit soak and let your feet rest for 3-5 minutes.
    After a quick soak, continue the TLC by opting for a conditioning scrub! CND's Bright Citron Scrub polishes away dry patches to create the perfect canvas for the rest of your pedicure. 
  2. Kick Out Calluses 

    Now that your feet have been soaked and scrubbed, it's time to take on stubborn skin. One of the most unsightly marks of the season, it's important to clear away winter-caused calluses! With the right products, you can consider calluses a thing of the past! The trick to clearing away calluses is two fold; you'll need the right remover and the right technique. Spray a professional softener such as Footlogix Callus Softener around toe nails, onto calluses and dry skin on the sole of the foot. Let the product absorb for 2 to 3 minutes. After a few minutes, the skin should feel slightly tacky, but not wet. This is the perfect texture to remove calluses with a professional foot file. Use medium pressure to buff away dead skin, adding necessary strength over stubborn areas. Reapply callus softener as needed to take on any tricky areas like heels and big toes.
  3. Cater to Your Cuticles

    Now that your skin is looked after and your calluses are old news, give your cuticles the attention they deserve! Cuticles have a tendency to become tough and dry during the winter months. Bring beauty back to your nailbeds by softening and pushing away overgrown cuticles. Use a hydrating product such as Coco's Cuticle Softener. Rather than removing the cuticles entirely, this nourishing product provides moisture to easily push the softened cuticles back. 
  4. Pick Your Prime Polish

    What better time to play with polish colours than summer! Let the brighter skies be your inspiration to rock a radiant red or bright coral! Some of our favourite shades for summer toes come from Ruby Wing's colour changing collection. These super fun polishes give you the choice of two shades at once! You'll be eager to get your feet in the sun and sand, knowing a second shade of polish awaits! One of our must-have shade combos is Ruby Wing's Tide. This shimmery shade starts off as a grapefruit prink and transforms into a radiant full-bodied red when placed in the sun! If you're looking for something even brighter, try out Ruby Wing's Wild Flower. This bold orange shade starts off bold and lights up even brighter! Starting as a bright clementin shade, Wild Flower transitions into a flamboyant orange - perfect for summer! 

    Keep it Fresh

  5. After treating your feet, it's important to consider the one catch that comes with summer weather! Unfortunately for many ladies (and men!) summer leads to sweaty feet. When temperatures soar, taking off a pair of runners can lead to smelly surprise. Help keep your feet fresh with a high quality foot deodorant. You'll never be afraid to step out of your shoes again, knowing that your feet are still pedicure perfect even after a long day in the sun. 

    To prevent your feet for slipping back to their worn-out winter look, make DIY pedicures a regular part of your summer routine!