There's something about millennials and objecting to the norm. We have a tendency to take matters into our own hands. First there was Uber, then AirBnB. We like to take a  professional industry and shape it into our own. The cosmetics industry is no exception! Everyday makeup lovers are becoming self-taught experts. With the help of YouTube, the DIY beauty industry is continuously growing. In fact, at-home makeup tutorials are one of the most popular vlog categories on the internet! Nowadays, bathroom mirrors just wont do in terms of vlog-worthy lighting. Manufacturers have taken note and introduced smart mirrors to help produce professional beauty lighting at home!

This week on the blog we're highlighting a magical range of mirrors loved by millenial beauty vloggers!

RIKI Family

We are excited to stock the 3 RIKI family members; RIKI TALL, RIKI SKINNY & the latest RIKI CUTIE. Learn more about the best selling RIKI Skinny Mirror here.

Introducing Glamcor: The brightest lighting for the boldest beauty!

Glamcor's rise to stardom began with their professional lighting range. Celebrity makeup artists including Gregory Arlt (Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani's artist of choice!) have been known to rock Glamcor lighting on set and in their studios. Their series of pro lighting includes powerful LED lights that perfectly illuminate workspaces. From their flexible mono lights to their enormous 118 x 88cm vanity mirrors, the pro lighting range highlights any space, big or small. The flexibility of the mono is perfect for photo shoots and strategic highlighting. Simply type in Glamcor on Youtube to check out the heaps of makeup artists using Glamcor to light up their look!

A Vloggers Dream 

Glamcor's retail range includes the perfect pairings for your smartphone selfies. The Multimedia extreme setup lets your phone secure a front row spot in the center of the perfect lighting. The remote control let's you customize your light without having to change pose or stay hands on. The Bluetooth selfie function let's you capture your shots without having to click your phone. The LED technology lets you adjust the lighting temperature for makeup, film or photography. Think of it like your own professional portrait studio wherever you need it! 

Rock a Riki

The appropriately named Riki Skinny is a mirror born to vlog! It's compact size makes it perfectly mobile.

This small but mighty mirror is perfect for filming makeup tutorials. With 5 stages of vanity lighting, Riki can be customized to highlight any look in any type of lighting. This beauty takes your selfie game to the next level with the ultra-easy phoneattachment. Bluetooth technology and a cute phone cradle make it easy to set up your selfies or film your makeup vlog! If you're looking to get a little closer, Riki also includes a 3x magnifying mirror so you can check your work before posting!

Shop our full range of Glamcor products to find out how much a high-tech mirror helps for makeup miracles!