Not that you needed an excuse, BUT Valentine's day is the perfect occasion to spend a bit of extra time on your bi-weekly manicure. Rocking a classic red nail isn't the only way to channel your inner romantic. From girly glitters to adorable heart accents - celebrate the season of love by trying your hand at Valentine's day nail art! 

This year, try something a bit different with one of these five nail art looks you can easily recreate at home! 

1) Abstract Art From the Heart - @andrea_sardo_nails

There's nothing vanilla about our first Valentine's Day nail look! Inspired by American abstract artist Keith Haring, this adorable nail look uses the traditional Valentine's palette in a unique and noticeable way. Begin by painting on your base colours. To recreate the look above, opt for a bright cherry red, midnight black and bright white polish. Next, add the abstract details using a thin nail brush. Have fun with your designs and don't worry if they're not perfect of symmetrical - after all, it's meant to be abstract! 

Recreate this look using: Start with a clean white polish like OPI's Dancing Keeps Me On My Toes. For a radiant red, we love OPI's We Seafood And Eat It or Color Club's Mamba. For a bold black polish, we suggest Color Club's Snow Queen.

2) Capture Hearts With Chrome - @OPI

Channel your inner cupid with this adorable ombre manicure! With the help of OPI chrome powder, you'll be stealing hearts with your subtle chic shimmer. Start by painting on your perfect nude/pink base. Then add the dazzle by dusting on your favourite shade of chrome powder. The best thing about this look? You can choose to create it using either lacquer or gel colour! OPI chrome powders can be used on top of either nail system, giving you maximum flexibility for your very special Valentine's day look! For the grand finale, paint on a petite black heart for an adorable accent! 

Recreate this look using: Set the stage with your favourite nude or light pink polish. We love both Bubble Bath and Sweet Heart. Next, add a little (or a lot!) of shimmer, using your favourite shade of OPI Chrome powder. For silver lovers, we recommend Mixed Metals. If gold is more your style, go for Bronzed By the Sun. 

3) A Marilyn-Caliber Kiss - @gelish_official

A smooch from a starlet - what more could you ask for on Valentine's day? We like to think that Marilyn herself would adore this feminine manicure from Gelish! Using shades from the Forever Fabulous collection, this nail look captures the loving spirit of our favourite Hollywood icon. Begin by painting on two coats of Gelish gel polish on each of your nails. To recreate the look above, opt for three red nails, one sparkle accent nail one nude nail. Add on an ode to Marilyn, by painting a red kiss on top of the nude nail. 

Recreate this look using: This Valentine's day nail look combines three of our favourite shades from the Forever Fabulous collection. For the perfect cherry red, choose A Kiss From MarilynNext, for a timeless nude, opt for She's a Natural and for a feminine sparkle, select Some Like it Red.

4) Half Moon, Full Heart - @OPI_professionals

Making Barbie dreams come true, one Valentine's Day at a time! How cute is this girly manicure by OPI? The divine details are what makes this manicure memorable! Begin by painting on two coats of OPI gel colour in your favourite bubblegum pink shade. Then, paint on a half moon accent using your favourite glitter shade of gel polish. To recreate the look above, opt for a bold gold shade, or if you're looking to add an extra punch of pink, select a raspberry shimmer shade. Finish off this Valentine's inspired look by tracing the glitter accent with a thin line of white polish. 

Recreate this look using: Your favourite bright pink polish. We suggest the stunning shade featured above, Suzi Shops and Island Hops. Choose your favourite glitter gel polish to create an adorable accent. For a radiant rose gold, go for Worth a Pretty Penne. Last but not least, choose a crisp white shade like Alpine Snow to add your finishing touches!

5) Passionate in Pink - @letsgetpolished

When it comes to love, we say go bold! Make this year your brightest Valentine's Day yet with a powerful pink manicure! This creative look combines a neon magenta nail with adorable heartbeat accents. You can count on Color Club lacquer to give you the vibrant neon shade you crave. Begin by painting on two coats of this bold nail lacquer. Then, add the Valentine's inspired nail art by painting a heartbeat across your four fingers. Use a thin nail brush and deep black polish for optimal visibility!

Recreate this look using: For a pretty pink shade that can't be missed, choose Color Club's Kapow. For a black polish that can be seen over such a powerful pink, choose Snow Queen. 

We hope you have a blast channelling your Valentine's Day diva! 
- xx Nayld