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Beyond SNS: Why It's Time to Try a New Brand of Acrylic Dip

Beyond SNS: Why It's Time to Try a New Brand of Acrylic Dip

Recently we've received a few questions and from our nail queen community wondering about our inventory. Specifically, many of our lovely customers are wondering where all of our SNS stock has gone, and when it will be returning.

Time to be transparent as a top coat - we've decided to drop SNS powders from our inventory.

Over time, we began to receive feedback from our customers regarding the colour inconsistency of SNS powders. We understand that variations in batches can be frustrating and can make it tricky to repeat a much-loved nail look. We want our customers to feel confident in every order they place. We also find some of the marketing collateral from SNS to be misleading. SNS have chosen to market themselves as the "worlds healthiest gel polish" and the "natural choice." SNS claims to be "healthy for your nails" with "added vitamin E & calcium." In reality (according to their own Material Data Sheet), there is less than 0.001 per cent calcium in their glue and less than 0.001 per cent vitamin E in the oil used after an SNS service. Unfortunately, there is minimal regulating in the cosmetics industry, therefore making sure our nail queens are aware of misleading claims is something we take seriously. While we are discontinuing SNS, we will continue to carry five other dipping powder brands which we are proud to support.

This week on Beauty HQ we've got your guide to the best powders beyond SNS.

1) Gelish Dip

For SNS fans looking to take on a new brand name, give Gelish Dip a go! Harmony Gelish is one of the top-selling brands on our site. Their acrylic dipping powders deliver a thin colour coat and stunning smooth finish. These finely-milled powders match some of your favourite Gelish gel polish and Morgan Taylor lacquer colours.

Durability: Expect at least 2 weeks of durable wear

Colour Consistency: Excellent colour consistency, true to some of your favourite Morgan Taylor polish & Gelish gel polish shades.

Choose Gelish Dip if: You're looking for a professional, salon-quality powder with an amazing thin coat. Gelish is a great bet for both quality and durability.

2) ProDip by SuperNail

ProDip by SuperNail is our newest line of acrylic dipping powder. Their professional quality powders are odourless and easy to use. SuperNail lets you create natural-looking, lightweight nail enhancements with superior strength. This high-gloss nail system is available in white, pink, clear and 30 fine-milled coloured powders. With glitter shades, bright fashionable colours and subtle nude powders, there's a ProDip shade for everyone!

Durability: Expect over two weeks of durable wear with proper application.

Colour Consistency: ProDip's french and coloured powders are true to their appearance in the pot.

Choose ProDip if: You're looking for an affordable dipping system with an easy application and high-gloss finish.

3) OPI Powder Perfection

OPI is one of the most-loved professional nail companies in the world. Last year, OPI launched its collection of acrylic dipping powders. Starting off with 5 soft shades and 24 coloured powders, we now carry Powder Perfection in 51 stunning shades! Powder Perfection was designed to match OPI's iconic shades including I'm Not Really a Waitress and Samoan Sand.

Durability: Expect 3 weeks of durable wear with the proper application!

Colour Consistency: O.P.I's shades are designed to match their well-known polish and gel counterparts. Certain shades may vary slightly due to the different formula between gel, polish and acrylic.

Choose O.P.I Powder Perfection if: You're a loyal O.P.I fan and seek one of their iconic shades in powdered form.

4) Entity Dip & Buff

Get the colours you crave in a reliable acrylic dipping system. Entity's system is a fantastic choice for those seeking an alternative to SNS. Entity's powders are made from cosmetic quality co-polymers, meaning they easily absorb into the base coat for complete coverage. Say goodbye to bubbles and uneven finishes with Entity Dip & Buffs acrylic dip system!

Durability: Expect 3 weeks of durable wear with proper application. Colour Consistency: Entity colours are true to their appearance in the pot.

Choose Entity Dip & Buff if: You're looking to try out a new brand of acrylic powders with a smooth finish and complete coverage.

5) EzFlow TruDip

Create captivating acrylic dip with EzFlow's TruDip powders. One of our largest collections of dip powder, TruDip is available in over 100 shades. EzFlow is one of our mid-range lines, offering you a perfect balance of quality and selection. TruDip is fine-grained to assure a smooth application for strong durable dip enhancements.

Durability: 2+ weeks of chip-free wear

Colour Consistency: EzFlow shades are true to their appearance in the pot. Choose EzFlow TruDip if: You're looking for an easy-to-apply dipping powder that's a high quality yet mid-range in price. We hope this inspires you to try out a new dipping system!

Give us a shout if you've got any questions about SNS or any of our alternative brands of dipping powder.

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