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Build Beautiful Nails like the Pros with IBD Dip & Sculpt + Tip Extensions!

Build Beautiful Nails like the Pros with IBD Dip & Sculpt + Tip Extensions!

How to Apply Nail Tip Extensions


  • Regal by Anh Hoang Disposable Hand Kit
  • ABS Perfect Natural Nail Tips (in sizes #0 - #10)
  • Empty Nail Tip Box
  • KM Nail Glue (2g)
  • SNS Nail Dust Brush


The foundation of the tip application will determine the length and shape of the nail extensions.

  1. Trim your natural nails back using a nail clipper.
  2. File your nails to round the edges using the Emery Board 180/240 in the hand kit.
  3. Buff your nails using the 180 side of the Orange Block 100/180.
  4. Remove dust using the SNS Nail Dust Brush or lint-free wipe.
  5. Size the nail tips to the free edge of the natural nail for a sure fit.
  6. Place 3 drops of glue to the well of the tip: 1 in the centre and 2 on either side.
  7. Avoid touching the adhesive and place the nail tip on the edge of the nail and hold for 3 sec making sure it has bonded down well at the sides.
  8. Trim the nail tip to the desired length.
  9. Shape the nail tip with the Nail File 80/100 to your desired shape.
  10. Buff or file the surface of the Tip to remove shine.
  11. Remove dust using a clean SNS Nail Dust Brush or lint-free wipe. Now you are ready to apply the product and build the nail.

How to Apply Acrylic Dip with Acrylic Nail Liquids

A fast, easy, and versatile way of applying dip colours to nails, especially when building out the extension. IBD Dip & Sculpt can be used with nail liquid to build or create colour overlays. Considered more hygienic and ensures an even colour application every time! 


  • IBD Prep - Step 1 (14ml)
  • IBD French Dip & Sculpt Powder - Clear (113g)
  • Your favourite dip colour (we chose IBD Dip & Sculpt Powder – Rose Lite District
    • CND Sculpting Liquid Retention+ 118ml
    • Dappen Dish & Lid
    • Regal by Anh Hoang Pro Acrylic Sculpting Brush #14
    • OPI Nail Polish Top Coat 15ml
    • ProDip by SuperNail Cuticle Oil (14ml)


    1. Brush on IBD Prep - Step 1 to the natural nail only, avoid touching the skin. This makes sure the product bonds well and there is no slick oil barrier layer to cause lifting.
    2. Pour CND Sculpting Liquid Retention+ into the Dappen Dish filling it 3/4 of the way. Then saturate the Regal by Anh Hoang Pro Acrylic Sculpting Brush with liquid.
    3. Remove excess liquid from the brush, then bring the damp brush to your chosen Dip & Sculpt colour and press into the powder until you pick up a bead.
    4. Place the bead at the centre of the nail bed and press upwards so that it moves closer to the cuticle without touching the skin.
    Tip: you want to work as the liquid sets hard over time. Press and pat, and brush the bead to coat the nail evenly.

      Repeat steps 3 + 4 until the nail is covered evenly. Repeat on all 10 fingers.

      5. When the nail is set hard use the Nail File 80/100 to shape the nail and smooth out any lumps and bumps on the nail.

      6. Buff using the Orange Block 100/180 or file to smooth out any ridges or filing marks. Dust off excess powder once all 10 fingers are complete.

      7. Apply a coat of OPI Nail Polish Top Coat to all 10 fingers. When dry, repeat again for the second coat until the surface is shiny. Wait 5-10 min to dry completely.

      8. Apply ProDip by SuperNail Cuticle Oil to the nails to rehydrate and nourish the skin.

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