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FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Mixing Dipping Systems!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Mixing Dipping Systems!

Some things are simply better together.

Peanut butter & jelly, Mondays & coffee, avocado and... quite literally anything! Million-dollar combinations are abundant in the world of beauty products. A gorgeous primer can partner perfectly with your favourite brand of foundation. A matte topcoat can complement your favourite nail shade for a sleek new look! When you're forming these kinds of beauty product buddies, do you consider the brand? Most ladies don't look twice when mixing and matching nail polish base or topcoats across brands. As long as you're working within the same system (gel, lacquer etc.) most nail priming and finishing products are built to be compatible across brands!

Recently we've had a few questions about mixing and matching acrylic dipping systems. Many of you are a little unsure about taking the plunge and partnering up different liquids and powders.

This week on the Beauty HQ blog we're taking time out to set things straight. Read on for everything you need to know about dipping system compatibility!


Q: What makes dipping systems unique from one brand to another?

A: Let's start by talking chemistry! Dipping systems are called "systems" for a reason; they're comprised of specific liquids and powders that need to be used in a fixed order to nail (get it?) the job they were born to do! Dipping powders are designed to polymerize (a fancy word to describe the magical reaction that occurs) with base coats, activators and top coats. The reaction that occurs between these products is what provides you with the durability that dip is known for! Many dipping systems operate using the same order of application. However, it's important to note that not all systems are the same! For example, one of the most widely known brands, SNS operates differently than many others. Their "pre-bonded" powders offer a different set of application instructions when compared to O.P.I's Powder Perfection or Gelish Dip.

Q: Can I mix dipping system liquids?

A: Dipping liquids are the key ingredients needed to create durable dipped tips! Following the manufacturers' instructions and order of application is essential to making the most of your manicure! That being said, we recommend sticking with one brand of liquids. Whenever possible, use all of the liquids within the same branded system. That's not to say you absolutely can not mix liquids, it's simply...simpler! Opting for one brand is an easy way to remove some of your manicure's margin for error!

Q: Can I mix dipping system powders?

A: When it comes to powders, you have a bit more room to play! They say that variety is the spice of life, so why not let your nails in on the fun! As a supplier of five high quality dipping powder brands, we want you to embrace all your options! Don't skip out on stunning O.P.I Powder Perfection shades just because you've recently stocked up on Gelish's dipping liquids! It's generally not an issue to use one brand of powder with a seperate set of liquids. Just remember to make sure you have all of the liquids you need and you follow the suggested powder application procedures! We hope that clears up any mixed messages and gives you the knowledge to keep diving into all of our high quality dipping system brands!

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