Heels Over Head: Why Gel Polish Makes the Perfect Pedicure!

Heels Over Head: Why Gel Polish Makes the Perfect Pedicure!

I remember when I got my first pedicure. As a pre-teen I was obsessed with pink and particularly attracted to anything bright. Naturally, this meant I had to opt for the brightest neon fuschia I could find. It was about three weeks after the pedicure my mum insisted I remove the not-so-fresh leftover scraps of painfully bright pink. She might not have loved the colour in the first place, but her biggest cause for concern was the not-so-chic chipped look I was willing to rock much beyond its expiration date. A few years later, a friend told me about a game-changing pedi which would get me that three weeks of wear, with none of the cringe-worthy chipping! And so, I tried my first gel pedicure and never looked back!

If you've always loved nail lacquer for your toes, here are a couple of reasons why gel colour makes an even better pedicure!

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1) Dry in the Blink of an Eye

The first major perk of gel polish is that it dries quicker than you can bat an eyelid! Unlike traditional nail polish, gel polish is quickly cured to a touch-proof finish in just a few minutes! You can opt for either a UV or LED lamp which polymerizes (a fancy word for reacts) the ingredients in your gel polish to create a strong seal. Many people, myself included, are initially a bit sceptical of gel because of its curing process. At first, the added step of lamp curing sounds a bit stressful, when in reality it's a huge time saver!

Knowing your gel nails have sealed to a strong finish means you can avoid the hours of tip-toeing many. chicks end up doing after applying regular polish. Gel polish lets you skip the guessing game and assures you that your nails are rock solid! The second reason some folks are gel polish sceptical is because of the UV rays emitted. Every so often a news report comes out which points the finger at nail lamps as a cancer-causing evil machine. In reality, gel manicures do NOT cause cancer. In fact, evidence shows it would take over 25 minutes of DAILY nail lamp use to cause significant cancer risk! Gel polish is also designed to polymerize using only a small fraction of UVA light. This means that curing does not require a large quantity of full-spectrum UV. The UV light used to cure polish contains only a dismal fraction of the wavelengths found in natural sunlight. Cure fear-free and enjoy the quick drying time your gel manicure allows!

2) Shine Bright Like a Diamond

The second thing that always strikes me about gel colour is its amazing shine! Gel pedicures feature a brilliant, glistening shine that resists dulling and looks lush for longer than traditional lacquer! Once the top coat is cured, the gel colour keeps a gorgeous jellybean-esque finish. Your nails are treated to a glistening wet look that looks like you've just stepped out of the salon, even after a couple of weeks of wear!

3) Protect that Pedi!

There's nothing more frustrating than ruining a freshly painted pair of toes! Traditional polish requires a bit more patience in not only the drying phase but also in the weeks to follow. The formula of gel polish is simply superior when it comes to resisting chips and scuffs. The shell-like coating created by gel also acts as a shield to help prevent your nails from breaking. This protective layer is great for ladies who want strength and support without the added expense and upkeep of acrylic nails.

4) Last a Lifetime

Ok maybe not literally a lifetime, but gel nails certainly live a lengthy life! A traditional nail lacquer will last you up to about one week of wear before the dreaded chips kick in! Gel polish, on the other hand, offers you a whopping three weeks of wear! If applied properly, your gel colour won't peel or chip during its entire lifetime.

5) Very Little Upkeep

Last but not least, your gorgeous gel toes will need nearly no maintenance! With gel, there's no need to take time out of your busy day to touch up corners and cover up cracks and chips. Gel polish grows out nicely alongside your natural nails and can be easily soaked off with acetone when you're ready for a polish change! With so much to love about gel, why not try it out on your toes! Browse our huge selection of gel polish today for your perfect pedicure!

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