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Nail Repair 101: Our Top Treatments For Your Best Nails Ever!

Nail Repair 101: Our Top Treatments For Your Best Nails Ever!

Stong, resilient and radiant.

Yes, those are all qualities of women in general, BUT they're also qualities that describe perfect nails! Nail damage can build up as a result of many different factors. Poor product application, harsh removals or even emotional stress can cause damage to your natural nails. Luckily, we stock a wide variety of nail treatments to help you treat whatever ails your nails! This week on Beauty HQ we've rounded up our best nail treatments to help you heal what ails you and achieve your strongest, longest nails possible.

Cuticle Oil

Unless you've been living under a nail lamp, you're probably familiar with cuticle oil. One of our best-selling nail products, there's a reason every salon and at-home nail queen swoons over cuticle oil! This nourishing treatment not only hydrates the nail bed but actually extends the life of your manicure! Applying cuticle oil at the end of a nail service (and in between!) helps to lock in moisture to help protect your manicure from peeling, cracking and chipping. Cuticle oil treatments also increase circulation around the nail bed, stimulating growth. Always keep cuticle oil on hand to improve the overall appearance and durability of your natural nails. Keen to know our go-to oil? We're absolutely crazy about CND's solar oil. This award-winning oil contains a beautiful blend of natural light oils including luscious Jojoba extract. Regular use of solar oil is game-changing: over time, the oil dives deeper into the nail to lock in moisture below the surface.

Nail Strengtheners

One of the most common reasons women wear nail enhancements is to shield their natural nails. Whether it's to prevent biting or simply to add a solid overlay, many women feel they need protection for their natural nails. What if you could create that shield naturally by strengthening your actual nails? Turns out, we've got treatments for that! Professional nail strengtheners work by delivering key nutrients to help nails grow longer and stronger. Ladies suffering from soft or fragile nails can find the greatest benefit from stocking a strengthener into their kit. Nail strengtheners not only work to repair existing damage but also to maintain and prevent future fragility. Our most extensive line of nail strengtheners comes from Nail Tek. With a huge selection of treatments, Nail Tek offers a formula to target all nail types and troubles!

This revolutionary nail system strengthens and repairs from within. The IBX duo pack is the perfect treatment for those who love wearing gel polish and want to give their nails a tough shield. 
The first step, the repair formula, protects the integrity of the nail plate under gel enhancements and seals in weak areas.
The second step, the strengthening forumla, fuses together the top layers of the nail to create a solid foundation to build nail enhancements or paint on gel polish.  


Ridge Filler

If you've ever made the mistake of picking off your gel polish (we're not proud, but we forgive you) then you've seen the super ugly thing known as nail ridges. One of the lesser-known members of the nail treatment family, ridge filler is a valuable product that remedies ugly nail surfaces. Ridge filler works to smooth out the surface and restore an even foundation for future polish applications. Mucking around with your gel polish isn't the only cause of nail ridges. Something a bit more innocent could be the culprit! Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency can also cause nail ridges? Learn more about the causes and cures for nail ridges in our recent blog post. Our top pick for ridge filler is OPI's, Ridge Filler. This satisfying treatment includes silk ingredients to erase nail ridges and restore a beautiful nail surface.

Healthy Hoof

One of our all-time top-sellers, the Healthy Hoof protein treatment is an amazingly effective product to bring brittle nails and cuticles back to life. 

This soothing cream also helps heal cracked skin on hands and feet. Healthy Hoof is loved by acrylic nail users, guitar players, medical practitioners and athletes.


Bonus: now that you know how to get your natural nails looking flawless, don't forget about your hands! Our selection of hydrating hand treatments will have you showing off your new mitts to your mates with such excitement that they'll think you've gone mad. Hand-modeling, anyone?

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