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Nayld to the Rescue: Four Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

Nayld to the Rescue: Four Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

Growing out your natural nails isn't always easy. From cracked cuticles to fragile free edges, it can be tricky to keep all of your nails long and even. There's nothing more frustrating than reaching your perfect nail length, bumping one ever so slightly and watching it break.

Before you plan a funeral for your lost friend, check out our favourite ways to fix a broken nail.

1) File to Fix

If your broken nail is minor, you might be able to mend it with nothing more than a nail file. For small knicks and splits on the side of your nail, try to file alongside the split until the side is smooth again. Keep in mind, this method might result in a change in your nail shape. If you were rocking square or round nails when the split happened, you may need to file into a more pointed shape such as coffin or stiletto. Pro tip: Make sure you file in the direction of the split, rather than against it. This will prevent the split from going further into your nail.

2) Temporary Tape

If your nail split is a bit more significant, you'll need to use mending supplies to hold the nail together. If you're on the run and don't have much to work with, opt for a temporary tape job. A simple strip of clear tape can be used as a short-term solution to prevent a split from turning into a full-on broken nail. Pro tip: If you happen to have tweezers and nail scissors with you, use these to help you cut and place the tiny piece of clear tape. Cutting a small square piece of tape will make it a lot easier to cover the split without having excess clumsy tape covering the rest of your finger. Tweezers will also help to pick up and place the patch exactly where it's needed.

3) The Tea Bag Trick

Our third method is the most clever and creative way to mend a broken nail. Begin by removing any nail lacquer you may have been wearing at the time tragedy struck. Next, lightly file and buff the nail, making sure to avoid the area directly near the tear. Now that your wounded nail is prepped, pop into the kitchen and find a teabag. Trim a small square out of the teabag and apply a dot of nail glue. Take your tweezers and apply the patch to the nail split. Give the glue a chance to set before super lightly buffing the entire nail. Finish by applying a coat of clear nail polish to hold the patch in place and create a smooth surface.

4) Top it With a Tip

Sometimes, the easiest option is to simply fake it til you make it. If your nail split is over halfway across the surface or broken off entirely, it might be best to remove it. While you wait for your natural nail to grow back, opt for a nail tip to even things out. Start with clean, polish-free nails and apply nail glue to the entire surface. Apply your selected size of nail tip and press into place. Give the glue a chance to set before applying polish. Alternatively, turn your loss into a major win with the help of PolyGel. This revolutionary product by Harmony, (the same legends behind Gelish gel polish and Gelish dip powders) is the flexible alternative to traditional acrylic or hard gel. PolyGel application is simple - squeeze, slice and roll the product onto your nail. Add as much or as little of the product as you like, depending on how much of your nail was lost during the big break. What makes this a great product for broken nail repair? Playtime and precision. The texture of PolyGel makes it easy to obtain the exact amount of product you'd like. Whether you need a minuscule amount (to fill in a crack) a more substantial size, the slice and shape tool makes it simple to grab the exact amount of product you need. PolyGel also provides ultimate playtime, so you can slowly shape the product without worrying about it drying or hardening. The system's slip solution helps you easily spread the product into the exact shape you need. Once you've achieved your perfect shape, simply cure the product under a nail lamp for a fabulous broken nail fix.

This game-changing product makes it easy to build natural-looking, lightweight enhancement while your natural nail heals. Never tried your hand at PolyGel? Check out this video tutorial to help you start playing today!

Want to prevent future nail disasters? Browse our selection of nail strengtheners to keep your nails strong and split-free!

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