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Nayld to the Rescue: How to Paint Your Left Hand!

Nayld to the Rescue: How to Paint Your Left Hand!

Painting your nails takes practice. If you're like the ladies at Nayld, you probably started playing around with polish at a very young age. After what might be millions (ish) of manicures, you've probably seen your skills improve significantly. However, even after all that practice, there's one tiny detail that might be holding you back...

It's time to stop letting your bloody "other hand" ruin your manicure!

From the very beginning, most of us have a hand that we instinctually prefer to throw with, eat with, and do just about anything with. Trying to perform fine motor skills with our non-dominant hand sometimes feels impossible. Take painting your nails for example. Despite our best efforts, many of us never quite seem to nail "the other hand." Luckily, Beauty HQ is here to save the day! We've got a game-changing trick to help you paint your non-dominant hand. It's so simple, it's actually genius.  Whether you're working with traditional nail polish or long-lasting gel polish the truth remains - no one wants a messy manicure. Don't let your "other hand" destroy your DIY manicure. We've got one simple trick that can turn your second hand from mess to marvellous! Many ladies focus too much on trying to keep their non-dominant hand steady and end up with nothing but stained cuticles. The better way to tackle this? Let your strong hand save the day!

Instead of focusing on painting with your non-dominant hand, keep it steady and let your dominant hand do all the work! 

Rather than putting all your focus on your "bad" hand, let your good hand take charge. Using your non-dominant hand (often your left hand), find a comfortable way to hold the brush straight (this could be by stabilising your wrist on a stable surface). Then, ROLL the nail from your dominant hand (often your right hand) alongside the brush so your 'good hand' is doing all the work to guide the brush (and polish) along the nail. This will help put the pressure of painting back in your powerful hand. Simple, yet, seriously game-changing!

Pro tip: Be sure to keep a small amount of polish on the brush per stroke. This will help your cause by minimizing the potential for spillage. Try this hack yourself to score the most symmetrical manicure possible!

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