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O.P.I’s New Dipping System: Why You Need to Take the Plunge!

O.P.I’s New Dipping System: Why You Need to Take the Plunge!

In the past year, dipping systems have simply taken off.

A market formerly dominated by SNS, many other brands have now gotten on board the acrylic revolution. A lightweight, odour-free alternative, it’s becoming hard to deny that dipping systems are an absolute game changer. They’re basically a better way to achieve gel-like shine with acrylic level durability. With no UV or LED light needed to cure, they easily soak-off, noticeably protecting natural nails. 

When browsing through dipping systems, you might just bump into some brands you don’t know and don’t yet trust. Although, not a fault in and of itself, it’s always comforting to pick a brand you already love. 

We’ve got the solution. There’s a bit of a big name brand we’ve just welcomed on board. The number one salon brand worldwide in fact!

None other than O.P.I.

Semi-new in the U.S market, and brand new internationally, O.P.I’s Powder Perfection is about to make a serious splash. The lightweight acrylic powder comes in 29 iconic O.P.I shades you already know and love. They’re expertly matched and run true to shade. O.P.I knows nails, and they know quality. These acrylic powders are long-lasting and trustworthy. You’ll get 2 to 3 weeks of gorgeous wear out of these high gloss shades.

Dip, tap and go! Check out O.P.I’s Powder Perfection line today! 

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