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Polished Impression: Choose the Right Nail Colour For Your Job Interview

Polished Impression: Choose the Right Nail Colour For Your Job Interview

It's no secret that communication is a lot more complicated than just word choice. Non-verbal communication has a huge impact on the way people perceive one another. In both personal and professional situations, our body language and physical appearance can create a lasting impression. Job interviews are undoubtedly one of the most important places to paint an accurate picture of who you are. The initial encounter between you and your potential employer can be crucial to crushing or increasing your odds at landing the role.

This week on Beauty HQ we've rounded up the best polishes and powders to help you nail any job interview!


Let's start with the conservative classic. If you're interviewing for a corporate role like admin, legal or accounting, opt for a subtle neutral polish. Choose business appropriate, barely-there nails in shades that aren't too shimmery or attention-grabbing. For fair-skinned ladies, opt for a light pink nude with rosy undertones such as Hopelessly Devoted to OPI. If you have a golden or darker skin tone, opt for a nude with cooler purple or blue undertones such as Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey. Check out our previous post for more help finding the perfect polish for your skin tone.


For creative industries like graphic design and advertising, play things a bit more bold! While we don't suggest rocking extra-long acrylics or highlighter yellow nails, we believe a unique manicure can help make you memorable to a creative employer. Rules for nails and fashion tend to be a bit less rigid in a creative industry. Give your potential employer a peek into your personal style with a distinct manicure. Consider trying out a fun accent nail in a shimmer or glitter shade for a bit of fun without causing a major distraction.

We love Morgan Taylor's Bedazzle Me. Paint this dazzling purple polish on just your index finger for a fun addition to your usual manicure. For the other nine nails, we recommend pairing with Morgan Taylor's Plumette With Excitement. 


One of the least polish-friendly industries, hospitality is all about cleanliness. Make sure you give the right impression in your interview by keeping your nails cut short and shaped clean. Prep for your potential position by getting rid of nail ridges. CND's Ridge FX is our go-to treatment to kick nail ridges to the curb. This lush treatment masks imperfections and.makes your natural nails smooth, bright and clean. If your nails need a bit more help to get interview-appropriate, opt for CND's game-changing Rescue RX treatment. This superhero treatment packs a punch of keratin that penetrates dry damaged nails. Choose Rescue RX If you're a regular acrylic wearer but need to start going bare for your new hospo gig.


If you're climbing the corporate ladder, choose a nail colour that exudes confidence. Like lipstick, red nails are a classic look that radiates power and conviction. One of our staple reds comes from Gelish's new Marilyn Monroe collection. Channel your inner girl-boss with A Kiss From Marilyn. This radiant red has CEO written all over it. Available in both Gelish gel polish and Morgan Taylor lacquer, this Marilyn inspired shade will bring confidence and charisma to your most important interview.

As a general rule, play it safe and professional. If you're not entirely sure the vibe of the company, keep it simple, clean and classy. Let your hands lead you into your next great job. Good Luck! - xx Nayld

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