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PolyGel Pro: How to Sculpt a French Manicure With Nail Extension

PolyGel Pro: How to Sculpt a French Manicure With Nail Extension

Recently at Beauty HQ, we tackled your Basic Polygel Application Questions. Now, it's time to level up and learn to create natural nail extensions with Harmony Gelish Polygel! Ever craved a french manicure but couldn't seem to grow your nails long enough? Sculpting a nail extension is the perfect way to create the look you're after without having to wait for your natural nails to grow. It might sound daunting, but with the help of PolyGel, it's actually a piece of cake!

In this step-by-step tutorial, Harmony Gelish founder Danny Haile shows you how to sculpt a beautiful PolyGel french manicure while extending the length of your nail.

How to Create a French Tip + Nail Extension With PolyGel



"If you took acrylic on one side and gel on the other and you dropped this right in the middle, that's the easiest way to explain it. It's like a hybrid of both." - Harmony founder, Danny Haile


Extend the Natural Nail Bed:

After completing your regular nail prep, Squeeze, slice and roll a pea-sized amount of PolyGel Cover Pink onto the nail using the Slice & Shape PolyGel Tool. Tap and shape the product using the PolyGel Slip Solution and brush the edge of your slice & shape tool. Pull the product forward towards the natural free edge and smooth into shape. Next, apply PolyGel Bright White onto the free edge of the nail. Cure the nail for 30 seconds under a professional LED nail curing light.

Buff & Shape: 

Using a 180 grit nail file, shape the edge sides of the nail and the smile line. Continue to file down the surface of the nail to smooth and shape the enhancement. Clean the nail using a nail dust brush. Follow with nail surface cleanse and a lint-free wipe.

Top It Off

Apply a layer of Gelish Top It Off Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds under LED light. Follow with nail surface cleanse and a lint-free wipe. Finish by applying nourishing cuticle oil. This will help maintain hydration and prevent lifting.

Advantages of Gelish PolyGel

  • No odour involved in the application
  • The product dries within 30 seconds under LED light
  • No layering necessary, no heat spikes
  • More flexible than acrylic and stronger than traditional hard gel
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