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Sparkle Selections: Our Top Picks for Glitter Dip!

Sparkle Selections: Our Top Picks for Glitter Dip!

How would you describe your personal style? What are some of the adjectives you'd like people to use to describe your look? Perhaps you strive to be deemed chic, elegant or glamorous? Sounds pretty good to us! Now, how would you feel if your look was described juvenile, immature and outlandish? not so stoked...?

This week on Beauty HQ we're highlighting one of our favourite trends with one of our most popular nail systems - say hello to our favourite shades of glitter dipping powder! Depending on your past experience with glitter, you may not have thought this look could be grown up! We've previously busted that myth and shown you that glitter nails can be for grown-ups! With a variety of shades and styles ranging from full-on sparkle heaven to a more subtle shimmer, there's a great way to bring some glitter to your next DIY dip manicure!

Gelish Dip Powder - Sweet 16

This shade is a great choice for the fearless glitter fanatic. Our inner Barbie absolutely loves this baby pink glitter with hints of silver and purple. Sweet 16 delivers great coverage and dramatic shine. Like all Gelish Dip shades, this acrylic powder provides up to 3 weeks of durable wear. 

ProDip by SuperNail - Enchanting Emerald

Someone call Ariel because we've got the perfect colour for a mermaid manicure! Enchanting Emerald is a beautiful shimmer shade from SuperNail's ProDip. Throwing both blue and green hues with a beautiful silver glitter, this shade is a bold and beautiful choice for aqua-oriented nail queens. 

Entity Dip & Buff - Dripping in Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, so why not adorn your nails with them! Ok maybe there's no real diamonds in this dip, BUT this stunning silver shade from Entity Dip & Buff is the next best thing! This dipping powder is a great choice for ladies who want to try out the glitter trend without committing to a super bold colour. Like all Entity shades, this dipping powder is easy to apply with a smooth and bubble-free finish!

Gelish Dip Powder - #PartyGirlProblems

Rock this shade at a party and we can guarantee you'll have no problem scoring complements! This gorgeous purple glitter throws hints of blue, silver and pink, for a fun and flirty DIY dip. True to Gelish's signature quality, this acrylic dipping powder provides excellent colour consistency. 

EzFlow TruDip Dipping Powder - Sneaking Out

It'll be pretty tough to get away with sneaking out while rocking this eye-catching glitter. This memorable powder from EzFlow contains fine-milled touches of silver glitter over a gorgeous ocean-blue shade. Reckon this shade is a bit too bold for you to rock? Try this bold blue glitter as an accent nail to satisfy your glitter cravings without the commitment.

With hundreds of diverse dipping powder shades available on our site, we've only just scratched the surface for gorgeous glitter options! If these shades have caught your eye and captured your curiosity, click to shop our full selection of glitter dipping powder shades!

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