CND LED Curing Lamp


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CND Shellac Brisa LED Lamp

Introducing the new CND Shellac Brisa LED Lamp from CND that is designed to completely and evenly cure CND Shellac brand 14+ day nail color and Brisa Gel.

Comparing to the current CND UV lamp, the Shellac Brisa LED Lamp provides uniform curing in half the time. Featuring the 3C Technology from CND, this lamp not only optimizes light, energy and time for maximum shine and long wear, but also uses optic mirrors to target exposure to the nail.


  • 5-finger cure
  • Pedicure friendly
  • Halved curing time
  • Uniform curing
  • Aceton resistant
  • Removable power cord
  • No bulb replacement
  • No assembly required
  • Compliant with global safety standards