Credo Solingen Corn Cutter Tool


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Credo Corn Cutter

Credo Corn Cutter will remove even the most stubborn calluses gently and effectively. This easy-to-use planer reduces corns and calluses. Gently slide blade over surface, taking care not to cut live skin. Includes snap-on rasp to smooth rough skin.

  • Reduces calluses easily
  • Reduces rough skin easily
  • Simple and easy to use


CREDO is trendsetter and worldwide leading supplier for pedicure instruments suitable for professionals as well as for final consumers. The same is valid for manicure instruments.

The company CREDO one of the leading producers of mechanical pedicure items - belongs to the pioneers in the area of pedicure products. About 50 employees take care to establish the company more and more and to develop the markets in Germany and abroad.