IBD Hybrid LED/UV Lamp


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IBD Hybrid LED/UV Lamp

IBD's Hybrid LED/UV Lamp cures UV and LED/UV Gels, designed for professional manicure and pedicures services. This 42 Watt LED/UV lamp is a serious time-saver with a 0-60 built in timer and on/off auto sensor. Featuring a raised finger placement and removable tray for easy sanitation and pedicure services. Ergonomically designed, this LED/UV Lamp evenly cures for optimum results.


  • On/Off Auto Sensor
  • Finger placement raised on metal bottom plate
  • 0-60 seconds built in timer
  • Removable tray for pedicures
  • Easy sanitation
  • Evenly cures all fingers and toes
  • Ergonomic design
  • 42 Watts