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Wahl Professional Barber Pole Disinfectant Jar

by Wahl
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Wahl Professional Barber Pole Disinfectant Jar

N.B. Warranty (12 months on all electrical items) is to be claimed direct to WAHL AUSTRALIA; contact Wahl Sales Please provide invoice or receipt as proof of purchase.

Disclaimer: This is a professional product for use by hairdressers and barbers only, in professional salon/barbershop environments only. We will not be responsible for misuse of product, when products are used outside the environment they are intended to be used in. Product will not be replaced because of misuse.

Would you go back to your barber if their practice included drawing blood? Back in the day, barber's were responsible for heaps more than just hair! Formerly referred to as barber surgeons, men's hairdressers doubled as dentists and surgeons! In medieval times, barbers were responsible for a particularly questionable practice called "bloodletting" (an arcaic surgery of sorts involving leeches!)

This twisted history led us to the iconic red white and blue Barber's pole we now see in common practice! The red and blue representing blood vessels and the white stripes mimicing the bandages barber's used to patch up their patients! Pick up a piece of history for your salon with Wahl's retro style Barber Pole Disingectant Jar! Traditional shaving requires the right tools! The Wahl Disinfectant Jar is the perfect companion for the traditional shaving experience.


  • Disinfect your salon tools safely and with style
  • Unique retro Barber's pole design
  • Includes stainless steel basket with lid to hold tools in jar
  • Size: 10cm x 26cm