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Captivate in Chrome: How to Master OPIs New Nail Toppers!

Captivate in Chrome: How to Master OPIs New Nail Toppers!

When it comes to beauty, some things are best left to the professionals. Take for example, scoring that Kim. K silver hair at home in a single session. If you're starting with black hair - it simply ain't gonna happen! On the other hand, there are certain trends that might seem salon-only at first glance, yet can be captured at home with a little knowledge and the right products!

To our delight, we've got a brand new nail product that brings you star-quality nails without the stress! Introducing OPI Chrome Effects!

This highly pigmented mirror-like powder brings a stunning holographic finish to your nails, and the best part - you can conquer this look in the comfort of home! Think of Chrome Effects like painting metallic eyeshadow onto your nails. It's that easy, yet it's got some serious staying power!

Chrome effects powders are extremely fine and easy to apply. They're available in 8 colours to suit your style. Whether you like the look of traditional silver chrome or prefer a gold tone to flatter your warm skin. For extra fun, they've got a killer blue jewel tone and adorable baby pink! The coolest thing about this DIY chrome? It works on both regular polish and gel!

Whether you're looking to lock down three weeks worth of bling or a quick 7-day polish look, OPI chrome's got you covered! Versatility was definitely on OPI's mind when they crafted this chrome line! Not only can you pick from 8 pretty pigments, but you can also choose between light or dark polish as your base! If you're after a softer shimmer pick your favourite light or nude O.P.I shade to start! We recommend Alpine Snow white gel polish (or lacquer) or Pale to The Chief for a nice and easy nude!

Applying the chrome pigments over a light polish or gel polish creates a more subtle look that still makes your metallic dreams come true! If you're seeking a stronger finish go for your favourite dark OPI shade such as Black Onyx in gel polish or nail lacquer.

Applying Chrome Effects over a dark colour brings you a high contrast look with ultimate rainbow-like shine. Now, with all that chrome goodness, it's time to learn how to take the plunge! OPI put together two great videos to help you create captivating chrome at home!




A star-quality chrome manicure awaits you! Grab our high-value chrome effects intro kit to get started and let your nail queen skills truly shine!

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