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Warranty & Disclaimers


All electrical products come with an Australian plug and a minimum of 12 months warranty. Please see each product page for specific warranty information. 

Colour Disclaimer

Colour Disclaimer: We make all reasonable efforts to accurately display the attributes of our products, including the applicable colours. Please keep in mind that the actual colour may differ depending on batch variation, and may view differently on your screen. If the item has a colour swatch, we have in most cases professionally edited and colour matched to the range, please use them as a guide only. Select carefully and if you are unsure of anything please contact us prior to purchasing. If your order arrives and you are not satisfied with the colour you can send it back using our returns policy - please note that we cannot accept returns for goods that have been opened.

Gel Polish Disclaimer:

Discolouration may occur. Lighter colours are, porous to external dyes overtime. Contact with fake tan, new jeans, cleaning products etc Under curing can leave colours to change under the top coat. Making sure hand placement is in the correct location in the lamp ESPECIALLY if using LED lamps. Exposure to natural UV can cause fading, like a coloured poster exposed to light and overtime fades. Ultraviolet rays can break down the chemical bonds and thus fade the colour on your nail - it is a bleaching effect. It’s a well-known fact that RED pigments in colour fade the fastest. In general, mineral pigments, specifically micas, oxides, and ultramarines, are considered to be ‘safe’ colour additives. Synthetic dyes and lakes (despite how vibrant the colour is) is still available and not regulated which can pose serious health threats.

Dipping System Disclaimer:

A thickened even hardened base coat/top coat brush may occur. This is usually from working very slowly, allowing the Base Coat to dry as your applying it, or constantly over working the product, picking dry product into the brush. It could also be from picking up too much Dipping Powder or pressing too hard with the brush over the Dipping Powder, picking up product and clogging the brush. If this happens, just place your clogged brush into the Brush Restorer bottle, and allow to soak for five minutes, then wipe the softened product onto a lint free wipe to remove. Thickened base coat or topcoat is due to picking up powder then putting powder into the bottle causing it to become gluggy. Avoid pressing too hard with the brush over the Dipping Powder, simply glide the base and top coat on with the brush lying flat over the nail. If solution in bottle is gluggy unfortunately you have contaminated the remaining product and will need to purchase a new bottle.